Sugablossom Cakes

New South Wales Wedding Cake

Creating edible centrepieces for amazingly special weddings & celebrations makes me happy.... super happy actually!

I love.......cake, chocolate, sourcing and styling the gorgeous fresh blooms that bring our creations to life. I love meeting wonderful people, wedding talk and all of the romance and pretty details that weddings bring and I love the buzz that follows every cake setup and delivery.

Sugablossom Cakes was established in 2010 when the daily grind of a well established career in the corporate world no longer no filled my heart with joy & happiness. I took a mammoth leap of faith and traded my suits for an apron and have never looked back.

I am a self taught baker & creator - obsessed with mouthwatering chocolate fillings, flawless finishes and meticulous details. Creating beautiful wedding cakes is the part of my job that I love the most.... I mean, who doesn't love a gorgeous wedding??