Every chance I get I LOVE to drop into R COFFEE for a rich and delicious coffee... Located in MITTAGONG these guys sure know how to make a GREAT coffee! OMG! My tastebuds are still tingling from the rich crema on my coffee an hour after I had got home! So DAMN GOOD!

My first criteria for any cafe is to have good coffee... but this cafe scores an 11 out of 10 from me! I am always a sucker for some really perfect Latte art too! The location is also so gorgeous... with all of those pretty vines scrambling over sandstone, slowly turning dramatic shades of red... very happy I was travelling with my camera! I am looking forward to having more time next time to try some food... but being the snoop I am, I checked out my neighbours plates as they came to the table and it was looking like it will all be a perfect accompaniment to the awesome coffee! Can't wait!

You need to add R COFFEE to your list if you need a hearty Brunch or are just in need of a really Bitchin' coffee. 

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