I love big, beautiful weddings, I love all the details and the dresses and the styling... I love it as a photographer and I love curating it in this websites featured posts... but I myself, like this sweet couple, chose to elope. For me, it was because my Husband and I had been married before and we didn't want any fuss or to make our kids feel weird... we already had the mortgage, the kids, the business and all that married people stuff, we just wanted to make it official. So when I received this submission from Jon Harris Photography, I was super excited to see a romantic and intimate elopement in the Southern Highlands! This pretty little wedding in Mittagong may be simple but there still is plenty of inspiration for how to make it gorgeous... I am swooning over that stunning bouquet made by the super talented Wild & Free Floristry!

I love that weddings are becoming so much more about having a real experience... and the Southern Highlands is the perfect place to do that! Whether that is the joy of sitting down to a meal with everyone in your life that loves you or whether it is more your style to sneak away and tie the know in private, all that matters is that you both have the most amazing day in a way that embraces who you truly are as individuals as well as who you are as a couple.

I love that Zoe and Adam just wanted to enjoy their day, their way... they made their wedding day all about each other and the vows and promises they were making, simple and authentic to them. Zoe & Adam were so super low key with their wedding that their photographerJon Harris was one of their witnesses, there was no Bridal party or reception, they just enjoyed a little picnic, each others company and a walk around the grounds of The Fitzroy Inn in Mittagong with their beloved dogs... this elopement is so sweet and filled with everything that makes just Zoe & Adam happy! 

Zoe and Adam suggested an abandoned warehouse in Mittagong as the location for their unique wedding portraits, and I am madly in love with them... they are so cool, you need to make sure you scroll to the bottom to see them! Their photographer Jon said about the location "I'd never heard of it before, but as soon as I Googled it, I was so keen! Part of what made it so exciting was the element of danger involved.After speaking with some photographer mates who have shot here before, it seems some pretty wild stuff has happened at this particular location. The space was so foreboding, and honestly, it felt as creepy as hell when went we went back for some night shots after dark. It was all so worth it, though - Zoe and Adam's elopement was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful to have been part of it!" 

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